A Never Ending Spiral

Drinking again.

What’s different this time?

Just another way to numb the pain.


I’m spiraling down,

Can’t save myself.

It’s smoke and drink and cuts.


Hanging with the wrong crowd,

Going the wrong way.

But no one can save me now.


I’m in too deep,

Drowning in my sleep.

Slowly killing myself…


4 comments on “A Never Ending Spiral

  1. A bit depressing this one but I hope you enjoy all the same 🙂 Peace&Love xx

  2. Blü says:

    I do not like this because I like what the speaker is going through but that the speaker has the voice to say. 🙂 Courageous. Bold. Harshly honest. just remember, to be brave does not mean one is fearless, it means one steps out into the fray anyway. 😉

  3. ~Lady Day says:

    Ugh. This made my heart bleed. I don’t know if your metaphorical or literal…either way, the pain, relatable. Hugs~R

  4. Thankyou for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it 🙂 x

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