A Band I love

Howdy there guys and gals! 🙂

Today I’d like to draw your attention to a band I think you should all have a listen to. They’re called ‘The Blind Hearts’ and they are a great group of guys who changed my view on their genre of music (bluesy-country-folky stuff). I’ve always been more partial to rock and metal music and never thought I could enjoy many other genres than that. During a year course that I did at a music college in London I had the good fortune to meet ‘The Blind Hearts’ and attend many of their gigs. It was a great year and I really miss going to watch them (college and work take up most of my life now).  That is why I thought that I should share with you this awesome band. If you do get the opportunity to go and see a live gig please do. There’s a lovely atmosphere and they can always get an audience up and dancing.

Here’s a link to their latest music video that they’ve just finished: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh9kSIonT8g

It’s my favourite song of theirs and I think it’s a real tune. 🙂 They are releasing their ‘Crying Shame’ EP on the 5th November 2012 and I for one shall definitely be trying to get my hands on it. I do hope you have a listen to their music and if you like them share with your friends and even add them on Facebook. They are true socialites and love meeting new people so if you do see a gig of theirs stay behind after and they would love to have a beer and a chat with you.

Here are the band looking all professional and snazzy:







From left to right: J Hirano, Andy Gyves, Simon Julian, Dan Clark and Tom Smith

(Obviously all copyright to ‘The Blind Hearts’)


I hope you enjoy!




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