The Last Sunrise

This is a poem that a follower of mine sent into me. I think it is mighty good and so I have decided to share it with all of you. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it and like it as much as I do. Many thanks to Max for sending it in and obviously all copyright remains with him. (This was posted with his permission)



Will you be the last thing I see,

The first thing I see in the morning?

You shine so bright.

You light everything up in this tough life,

You have caused much love and joy in my life.

The mornings that I have woken up and you have been shining down on me,

The streaks of colour you brought to my life when the end of the day was near,

But now it seems like its time to say good bye.

It looks like I am coming to end of the line of life

I will not be able to see you shine from 6 feet under.

No more streaks of colour,

No more waking to the shine,

The end of the road is near

And i shall miss you forever.

I hope you join me eventually in the far distant future.

The last time I see my rising sun.

The person I love is drifting away,

Goodbye my love…


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