This was taken in Cyprus during the summer at the Tomb of the Kings on an iPhone 4s. It was a very magical sunset and I think the phone’s camera managed to really capture that.

R2-D2 Swimsuit

So as you may, or may not, know I am a rather large sci-fi geek. And as many geeks before me I literally almost died and went to heaven when I discovered this swimsuit. It is not just any swimsuit. It is a limited edition ‘Artoo’ swimsuit made by designers at Black Milk Clothing. Of course as soon as I heard about it I leapt towards my laptop and frantically searched for it online. However, and it is a BIG however, the price of said swimsuit also nearly killed me. It is $100 AUD which translates to £63.72 PLUS £11.47 delivery charge! My dreams were literally crushed. No longer could I see myself in the sparkling blue seas of Portugal and Cyprus looking like a sci-fi goddess with the sun shining down on me. I’m not going to lie I am thoroughly disappointed. So now begins the epic task of saving up money in order to get the swimsuit of every geek’s dreams (alas there are no replicas on the likes of ebay or amazon).


So without further ado, feast your eyes on the glorious ‘Artoo’ swimsuit:






















Isn’t it marvellous! *fangirl screech* If you would like to look on the Black Milk Clothing website, or are rich enough to buy this for yourself (I envy you if you are) then you can find the swimsuit and the website here. Enjoy!




Haiku? Don’t Mind if I Do.

I have never written a haiku before so when searching for something interesting to post I decided that I would share my first few attempts with you all. 🙂 Please let me know what you think, I’d be delighted to receive some feedback. You can help me give them titles too! 😀


Attempt no.1

Autumn morning mist

Passes through ghostly blue lips

Writing on the glass.


Attempt no.2

Pond lily floating

Beautiful, proud, serene

Blue birds nearby sing.