Hot sheets lie on damp skin.

Cold air flows through the room.

A nurse flits bed to bed.

Lines on her face show fear.

A small cough sparks some life,

though death hangs over them all.

A sob falls from thin lips

and a last breath comes forth.

Woe for Humankind

Thunder claps

Clouds burst

The skies break open

Heaven cries.

The Space Between Dreams and Waking

In dreams I walk the thick black dark

Never pausing in my march.

Completely blind I still go on,

Walking till the night is done.

And though I’m blind I never fall,

I never stumble or hit a wall.

I just move on in search of light

Trying to escape the eternal night.

Searching for the Sun

It feels like forever

Since I saw the Sun.

Blinded myself with its intensity

And bathed in the heat.

My days are now filled with gloom.


Day and night,

Night and day.

They blur into one.

I yearn for the light

And the way it lifts my soul.

But I’m in a world descending into darkness

And I’m searching,

Always searching,

For the Sun.