The Space Between Dreams and Waking

In dreams I walk the thick black dark

Never pausing in my march.

Completely blind I still go on,

Walking till the night is done.

And though I’m blind I never fall,

I never stumble or hit a wall.

I just move on in search of light

Trying to escape the eternal night.


Lying on the crisp white sheets

Not moving a muscle.

Skin as pale as the moon,

Eyes glazed over.

Gone is the beauty of life.


The heart is still.

All muscles have relaxed.

Nothing stirs as the darkness covers the body,

Enveloping it in tendrils of wispy black.

Gone is the light of life.


Into the coffin,

A rose in the hands,

Dressed all in white to purify the soul.

Ebony lid closed forever.

Gone is the vision of life.


Deep down into the ground

Becoming one with Mother Earth once more.

Joining sisters and brothers in harmony

To finally begin life after death.

Gone is the human life.

Searching for the Sun

It feels like forever

Since I saw the Sun.

Blinded myself with its intensity

And bathed in the heat.

My days are now filled with gloom.


Day and night,

Night and day.

They blur into one.

I yearn for the light

And the way it lifts my soul.

But I’m in a world descending into darkness

And I’m searching,

Always searching,

For the Sun.