It’s missing.

Gone somewhere I cannot find it.

Or was it stolen?

Smuggled away in the night by a thief.

Taken without permission.

I’m searching.


I will have it again.

I will!


The emptiness I feel
Is most noticed in my soul.
It radiates from the place
Where there’s a ‘you-shaped’ hole.

You’re gone and I’m numb
Now my smile’s lost too.
My broken heart has shattered
And it’s all because of you.

The Space Between Dreams and Waking

In dreams I walk the thick black dark

Never pausing in my march.

Completely blind I still go on,

Walking till the night is done.

And though I’m blind I never fall,

I never stumble or hit a wall.

I just move on in search of light

Trying to escape the eternal night.

Short Story: A Mother’s Nightmare

“Jessica! Jessica where are you?”

Scrabbling through the undergrowth I broke out into the open field. Frantically scanning the area I noted a dot of colour in the distance…


Bursting into a sprint I rushed towards my daughter. Tears streaked behind me as I ran, the icy wind whipping them away. I pushed my body to go faster, ignoring the intense burning ripping through the muscles in my legs.


When I reached my destination I all but collapsed. Stooping low I reached out to her, willing her to be alright, but as my fingers curled around the shoulder of her coat I realised something was not right. There was no warmth; in fact there was no resistance beneath the coat.

“NO!” I screamed. Cold dread filled my body as the pile of clothing in front of me revealed that I was still to find my baby girl…