It’s missing.

Gone somewhere I cannot find it.

Or was it stolen?

Smuggled away in the night by a thief.

Taken without permission.

I’m searching.


I will have it again.

I will!

Same Love

So this is my first attempt at a rap/spoken-word poetry. Let me know what you think. 🙂


You look at me disgust plain to see.

It’s written on your face,

no disguise,

it can’t hide as you sneer,



jump in fake fear if I ever come near.

But I pity you that’s the shock,

that’s the truth.

Your ignorance is your achilles heel.

See, I don’t care what you think

’cause I’ve been to the brink

and I’ve looked into the abyss

and I’ve come back to this

and I can see your fear for a world you don’t understand,

and I wish I could teach you,

nurture you,

reach you.

Help you to realise that love is love

no matter the type.

It shouldn’t be judged,

or restricted,

or punished.

Love is free.

Love is true.

And if a boy loves a boy well,

who cares if they do?

It’s a gift just to find someone to share in your life,

So why should we judge whether that love,

or another,

is right?


Flames dance like naked beauties

Baring their essence to the air.


Whipping their way around the black

Smouldering dance floor.



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You’re Perfect

If you could see what I see…
How perfect you shine.
You light up my darkness
Each and every time.
You allow me to breathe
When my lungs fail to cope.
You give me new life
And dare me to hope.
As long as I’m with you
You’ll be my shining light
If you’re holding my hand
Everything will be alright.
Coz you are perfection
In every single way,
And I really hope you realise that some day.