You’re Perfect

If you could see what I see…
How perfect you shine.
You light up my darkness
Each and every time.
You allow me to breathe
When my lungs fail to cope.
You give me new life
And dare me to hope.
As long as I’m with you
You’ll be my shining light
If you’re holding my hand
Everything will be alright.
Coz you are perfection
In every single way,
And I really hope you realise that some day.

She Calls To Me

Alone I walk an unknown route,

My late wife guiding every step.

She calls to me with arms outstretched,

She calls me to eternal rest.


Please do not grieve when I am gone,

I am content to fade away.

My loving wife she calls to me,

She is calling me today.


Towards the light I turn my face,

And leap into her arms,

My beautiful wife she calls to me,

She calls me to my grave.

Haiku Two!

My second attempt at writing a few haiku poems. 🙂 Enjoy!


The bright sun burning

Warms up many frozen hearts

Children laugh and play.


Surfers ride the waves

Feel the sea beneath their boards

The day grows older.