Update 11/11/14

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven’t been active on my blog for such a long time. I hope you can forgive me! I’m going to try and post as much as possible from now on though so I hope you enjoy reading my new work.




My Top 5 Chat-up Lines

I thought that for today’s post I would do a fun little article about my top five favourite chat-up lines. I think it’s a great topic as most, if not all, of us have experienced at least one of these at some point in time. Although never serious, chat-up lines are a great way to break the ice with someone and sometimes, surprisingly, they actually reap results. So without further ado let’s begin the chat-up top five countdown!


5)            “Is that a mirror in your pocket ? Because I can see myself in your pants.”

Although one of the sleazier chat-up lines it definitely makes it onto my top 5. Great for use in any nightclub as, let’s be honest, it’s unlikely you’ll find a partner for life when you are so drunk you can’t even see!



 4)         “Is it hot in here, or is it just you?”

Another good one at number 4. A good way to break the ice and a compliment, what more could you want ladies?



 3)        “If I could re-arrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.”

Now this one is a total classic! Probably not so appealing to those grammar Nazis out there but cute all the same.



2)             “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”

You know you’re onto a winner when you hear this line. Funny, clever and romantic *swoon*.  You are definitely destined for a good chance at the least if you use this line lads!



 1)               “Do you know Yoda? Coz yodalicious!”

And finally my number 1. I love this line so much. It’s not to everyone’s taste but it appeals to my inner geekette. It’s bound to get you laughing and hey, a guy that makes me laugh is definitely a number one in my books!



But now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear what your favourite chat-up lines have been so drop me a comment below and let me know. 🙂