R2-D2 Swimsuit

So as you may, or may not, know I am a rather large sci-fi geek. And as many geeks before me I literally almost died and went to heaven when I discovered this swimsuit. It is not just any swimsuit. It is a limited edition ‘Artoo’ swimsuit made by designers at Black Milk Clothing. Of course as soon as I heard about it I leapt towards my laptop and frantically searched for it online. However, and it is a BIG however, the price of said swimsuit also nearly killed me. It is $100 AUD which translates to £63.72 PLUS £11.47 delivery charge! My dreams were literally crushed. No longer could I see myself in the sparkling blue seas of Portugal and Cyprus looking like a sci-fi goddess with the sun shining down on me. I’m not going to lie I am thoroughly disappointed. So now begins the epic task of saving up money in order to get the swimsuit of every geek’s dreams (alas there are no replicas on the likes of ebay or amazon).


So without further ado, feast your eyes on the glorious ‘Artoo’ swimsuit:






















Isn’t it marvellous! *fangirl screech* If you would like to look on the Black Milk Clothing website, or are rich enough to buy this for yourself (I envy you if you are) then you can find the swimsuit and the website here. Enjoy!




We Need You!

Hello lovely bloggers, followers, new readers, friends and just generally awesome people of the internet!


I have been swamped with revision lately and oh my has it been boring. I’ve found the only way to keep myself sane is to take regular breaks in which I can browse the wonderful world of the internet, particularly, funny pictures of cats wearing wigs or doing other silly things. Man I love cats. :’) Anyway, before I make myself sound too crazy, today I have decided to take my break on my WordPress blog. A good friend of mine, also called Charlotte (yes there are too many of us in the world and we will rule you all one day mwahahaha), has recently started a blog up too and I thought that today I would do a bit of promoting for her. So that’s where I say, WE NEED YOU, YES, YOU!







As her blog is so new she is very lonely at the moment so it would be great if you could all go and check it out (that’s why we need you). Who knows you may enjoy it…in fact you probably will if you enjoying reading witty anecdotes with pictures that perfectly compliment what she is saying. It really is a delight to read her posts and I am certain that most of you will like it too. 🙂 So boogie on down to http://likeasloth.wordpress.com !


The main topic of Charlotte’s blog is the illnesses that she has been diagnosed with, ME and B12 deficiency, so if you are someone that also suffers with these or know someone that does then be sure to check it out because it will definitely light up your day. However, her writing is for all so even if you don’t suffer with these illnesses, go and check it out because it is sure to be an interesting and engaging read. 😀


So as I said, “WE NEED YOU!” Go and be Char’s friend, spread the love, welcome her to WordPress and have a fabulous day!


Like A Sloth 

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 18.49.56







To Cram Or Not To Cram

I do believe that the exam period is one of the biggest stressors in everyday life. Whoever invented the blasted things was clearly a psychopathic nutter that enjoyed making young people suffer. And as if the stress of trying to get a good grade isn’t enough, at the ages of 16 and 18 we are told that our results will affect the rest of our lives and whether or not we are perceived as employable! Clearly the idea of a madman. However we soldier on and do the best we can with what resources we have.

I don’t know about you but for most of my academic life that has meant waiting until the very last possible moment and then cramming as much information into my brain as is humanly possible. Until my first year of A Levels this seemed to work reasonably well and I achieved average grades whilst avoiding undue amounts of stress. HOWEVER, this failed miserably when I came to sit my AS exams. I learnt a very valuable lesson that year which involved me getting rather poor grades and deciding to leave sixth form with my tail between my legs. I did not give up though. After completing a coursework based course at a college in London for a year I have now returned to face the dreaded A Levels. I have picked myself up, trained myself up and I believe that this year I can slay the examination beast once and for all. I have learnt that cramming the night before will never get me the grade I want and that organisation and lots of revision will hopefully see me smiling a toothy grin on results day rather than crying into a cocktail of unpronounceable alcoholic spirits.

This, my friends, is my advice to you; firstly, never give up if at first you don’t succeed (there are ways of getting what you want even if you take a year out to compose yourself) and secondly, I know I sound like a grandma, but organisation, early preparation and lots of revision will most certainly give you the edge over those naive crammers out there. You can do it. Believe in yourself and just do your best. I wish everyone out there doing exams at the moment the best of luck and I hope that even if they don’t go so well you can read this and discover renewed hope in realising that you are not alone!

Peace&Love x