This was taken in Cyprus during the summer at the Tomb of the Kings on an iPhone 4s. It was a very magical sunset and I think the phone’s camera managed to really capture that.

Haiku Two!

My second attempt at writing a few haiku poems. 🙂 Enjoy!


The bright sun burning

Warms up many frozen hearts

Children laugh and play.


Surfers ride the waves

Feel the sea beneath their boards

The day grows older.

Searching for the Sun

It feels like forever

Since I saw the Sun.

Blinded myself with its intensity

And bathed in the heat.

My days are now filled with gloom.


Day and night,

Night and day.

They blur into one.

I yearn for the light

And the way it lifts my soul.

But I’m in a world descending into darkness

And I’m searching,

Always searching,

For the Sun.